Web Design & Development

We specialize in creating responsive content-managed websites, optimized for download speed and search engine indexing. Our site designs incorporate the latest thinking in responsive web design, assuring the best possible experience for users whether they choose to use a desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet.

In the process of designing your site, we will develop a look and feel that is appropriate for your audience and consistent with your brand, with a primary focus on usability and ease of interaction. Fundamentally, we want users to get what they want as quickly as possible, without any frustrating experiences.

Responsive Web Design

The web is in a state of flux, with new Internet-capable devices popping up all the time. There’s no way to know if someone will be viewing your site on a desktop, tablet, smart phone, or their Internet-enabled refrigerator. That’s why we’re creating sites that are device-agnostic. Regardless of whether your users are viewing your site on their smart phone or some device that hasn’t been invented yet, our designs will flex and adapt to that situation, always providing an optimum viewing environment for your site’s content.

In-Browser Design

When we create your site’s designs, we won’t be making static mock-ups. We’ll create real, in-browser, responsive CSS pages from the very beginning. This means you’re never looking at a picture of a website and trying to imagine how it will work – you’ll be clicking and scrolling and resizing the designs right from day one.

This approach is the direct result of our experience designing fluid, responsive websites. It helps us better communicate with you throughout the design process, and more effectively execute great site designs that address the problems inherent in designing for the myriad Internet-enabled devices that will be accessing your website.

Content Management

We believe that a good site is a site with current content, which is why we build all of our sites in a way which allows you to update easily, through an integrated content management system (CMS). Our sites are built using the Ruby on Rails framework with a lightweight CMS that only does what you need it to. Instead of using generic out-of-the-box features, we custom build your site’s unique functionality from scratch. That way your organization’s needs can define the website’s features, rather than other way around.

Your website will be built to avoid duplicate content. You just add text and images once, and the site will make sure it ends up on its page, in sidebars, featured on the homepage – wherever it needs to go. This will save you content entry time, and ensure that your content never becomes fragmented and conflicting. You’ll update once, and your website will take care of the rest.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone knows how important search engine optimization (SEO) is. If your site isn’t high in the Google rankings, it doesn’t exist. Our approach to SEO is rooted in the belief that proper content and code are the only long-term assurance of good search engine indexing.

All of our websites are search engine-friendly because of our careful attention to creating well-structured, semantic code. Between that and your current, well-written content, we can be assured that whatever methods search engines use now and in the future, they will be able to correctly interpret your site’s code and index it appropriately.

Application Development

We love developing applications for the web, portable devices such as smartphones and iPads, and for the Mac OS. We are expert in Python, Ruby, Objective C, MacRuby, and PHP – allowing us to select the best solution for your project. Regardless of platform, language, or framework, our focus is on creating useful tools to solve existing problems.

At Rhetina, we believe in clear user interface design, and logical and intuitive interactions. We also understand that both design and applications should always exist to serve human needs, that’s why creating satisfying user experiences is at the heart of everything we do.